Travel Vaccinations

Making an Appointment for Travel Advice / Vaccinations

Many vaccines need to be given at least 2-3 weeks prior to travelling. If specialised vaccines are required e.g. Rabies or Japanese Encephalitis, you may need to be directed to a dedicated travel clinic to receive these.

Unless your travel plans are complex you should receive the relevant information, vaccination & malaria advice (see Malaria below) within 1 appointment.

Cost of Travel Vaccines

Some travel vaccines are not covered by the NHS and will have to be paid for. You will be advised of any costs at the time of making your appointment. When required, payment must be made before vaccines can be given. Payment can only be made by cash or cheque as we are not able to process credit or debit cards. Receipts can be provided upon request.

Malaria Prevention

If anti-malaria tablets are advised, the strength and type is determined by the area visited. Anti-malaria tablets are purchased from a chemist but a Private Prescription is required for some types. Private Prescriptions can be collected 3 days after your initial appointment.

Last Minute Travel

If you plan to travel within the next 3 weeks we may not be able to accommodate your request and advise that you contact either:

MASTA Clinic (Haxey, North Linc) Tel: 0330 100 4189
TRAVEL DOC (Nottingham) Tel: 0800 583 3331

Be advised that these are dedicated travel clinics and you will be charged for all travel vaccines given.

Further Information on Travel Health

The following web site can be accessed by the public and provides up-to-date information and advice regarding travel health and malaria prevention:

“Be Safe on Holiday – Pick Up Your Travel Form Now!”